Monday, May 9, 2011

Things My Kids Say

Kynlee:  "Mom did you know Dad is stronger than you and he doesn't even workout like you do?"

Krayden while spinning around and around: "Mom help me!! I'm getting super busy!"

Kynlee:  "Mom we are so out numbered."

Krayden: "Bonus" everytime he gets to do what he wants to do

Krayden:  "Mom you are the rudest" everytime I tell him no

Trevin:  "Bone in my sippy?  Pretty Pretty Please"  (Bone means milk)  And a funny note my niece that is 6 months younger than Trevin was here for a visit and she started calling her milk bone too!!

Trevin:  "Rock a bye with my gigi (blanket)

Krayden:  "Why does the baby just eat, sleep, and poop all day long?"

Krayden: "The baby has a mouth, but he can't talk, huh mom?"

Trevin: "Piece of dis (this)" while putting up his fist to fight

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