Monday, May 23, 2011

My Second Mom

Most people that say they have a second mom it is usually a friends mom that gets the title.  Not second mom is my Aunt Becky.  She is my mom's sister and she really is my mom.  From the time that I was very little. She loves me like a mom loves her child.  She has even gotten mad at me like a mom gets mad at her own child:).  I remember that she would come and watch us when my parents would go out of town.  She would pull my loose teeth and give me a treasure chest from her office.  Once when I had braces we went to her office and she changed my colors on my braces too two colors on every bracket.  I loved it.  She would take me to six flags and ride all the crazy rides with me.  

She has come to help me with my last two babies, Trevin and Braylund.  It has been so fun. 
All the pictures I have are of Becky and my kids but the same love you see in these pictures is the same love that she shows me.  She is known around here as Nana Becky.  I love her too pieces.
Thanks Beck

Becky came for a WHOLE week when Trevin was born.  It was so nice.  My recovery was really long and hard with him and she helped make it better.  I just felt sorry for her with all my crying that went on.

Helping me with Trevin

It got to the point where only Nana Becky could help Krayden

Becky took over story time while she was here.  She bought them interactive books and she is helping Kynlee with hers

Being Super Hero's

Playing around in Texas

Becky staying up SUPER late to make me a TON of ear rings and she made Kynlee a cute bracelet and necklace to match.

Just having fun

Becky is LOVED by ALL my kids!!!  And she is a good sport for letting them climb all over her.

She came to help me with Braylund too.  She did this A LOT.  He was fussy from 7 pm until midnight and she would take him for most of the time.  Love her!!!

Becky came back for Mother's Day.  She gave me a really pretty bracelet that she made.  I'm glad she was here for Mother's Day weekend, I was able to spend time with both my moms.

Bouncing Braylund
My two moms.  I couldn't live without them!!
Love you
Photo taken by Krayden:)

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