Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Larsen Family Reunion

Sorry about the picture placement. I have no idea what happened but I have been trying to fix it forever is seems so I am just leaving it for now.

I will post this here for a few days and then move it to the original date of the reunion so when I get it printed it will be in order.
The 24th of July was a blast everyone packed up and headed for Bear Lake. Kynlee loves this place and loves Pickleville even more. She loves all the cousins, the "free" (she thinks its free, all she has to do is ask) candy and this year the shaved ice.
Janell was in charge of the craft and we all got to tie dye shirts. Love every minute of it.

Look at the table around her shirt.
She got the hang of it and loves to wear her shirt that she got to make.

Grandpa getting all serious

Kynlee is in love with TJ and his "Stake" (fake) hair. Even now we will be sitting in the car and Kynlee will mention him and how he dances like a robot.

"Mom TJ is so stunny" (funny)

Andy, Charli (sharli) and Kynlee

Take my picture with the pretty girls

The beach was a hit. Sand anyone?

The hottest guy around and did I mention my best friend

Kynlee giving the boat signs and of course her favorite is to "slow down"

"Are we done yet?" Not a fan of the life jacket

He knows how to start the boat. He got the keys out of the cup holder and went to town. Mom and Dad were taking to long.

Every night after the show TJ would dance with the girls. It was the hit of the whole reunion.

This kids is in heaven he is can be on a "vroom, vroom"

Thank you Jim and Judy for giving us the chance to get together. We always have so much fun and love to spend time with one another and make memories. Our kids love being with their grandma and grandpa and all the cousins. Kynlee talks about it until we are all together again. Love you lots and thanks again for such a wonderful summer.

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Chelsea said...

WOW, so so fun! That makes me home sick! Cute pics!