Monday, October 20, 2008

Kynlee, Tynlee, or Nynlee???

We are all in the car heading to drop Kynlee off at preschool and on the way there I serioulsy think she has to sing every song she has learned. I'm talking with Krayden about how it's windy outside so Kynlee keeps getting louder. All of a sudden Krayden says "Nynlee stop, Nynlee stop." Kynlee's reaction... "mom Krayden says my name nynlee cuz he can't say it right. Krayden say Tynlee. My name is Tynlee. Say Tyn and now say lee. Mom he just can't say my name right, but that's ok cuz he's just little." Maybe one day we will all be on the same page.

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Chelsea said...

Funny! What a gem that Nynlee girl is! :) he he!