Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We sold the last two puppies/dogs on Saturday and Kynlee was heart broken. It was so sad, but funny at the same time since she has lost all interest in the puppies. If we let them out in the yard to play she would sit up high so they couldn't "get her" or she would just go in and them come back out when they were put away.
We went to celebrate at Tepanyaki since Kynlee wanted steak for dinner. Jon and I thought it would be enternaining for the kids to see their dinner cooked right in front of them. They had a blast and thought it was so neat how the chef could catch things in his hat and how their dad could catch shrimp thrown at him in his mouth. (mom doesn't even try that trick)

Here they are eating their steak with their special chop sticks.

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shawnandfarrah said... good to hear from you! Where do you live, we for sure need to get together. I showed Raegan your pics of Kinley and she got a big smile across her face and said, 'member when we would play in our old house'. Do you still have the same Logan cell number? I will give it a try! Hope your feeling ok! CONGRATS by the way.