Friday, September 26, 2008

So What Are You Trying to Say?

Kynlee has to be the cutest thing ever. The other day we were talking about Halloween. I was trying to explain that Halloween would come and then we would have the baby. Every time I go to a Dr.'s appt she asks if I am going to bring him home, or if the Dr is going to push him out. She got a really excited look on her face and says "I know what I want to be!!! Cinderella (no surprise there) and Krayden can be the prince and Mom do you know what you can be? You can be the evil stepmother!!" I started laughing so hard and then got in trouble because "it is not funny mom" I asked her if I could be the the Fairy Godmother and was told No. So I guess we will see what I am going to be for Halloween.

Then a couple of days later we went to the liabary and she checked out a Dora book. After we read the book she looks up at me and says "the next Halloween mom I want to be Dora, and krayden can be Boots." She pauses for a minute and then says "and mom you can be the troll." (the book we just read didn't even have the troll in it)

Maybe she is trying to tell me something!! But she still tells me that I am her best friend so I guess that makes up for the rest of it.

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Haylee Munk Brown said...

That is a funny story!!! I love that! All part of the fairytale that all little girls want: The princess, the prince and something evil that they have to be saved from!!! ha ha ha!