Friday, September 5, 2008

Christofferson Family Reunion Sherwood Hills

Just doing a bit of catch up. The reunion happened July 14-16

They had the best kid swimming pool EVER. It was only 1 1/2 feet deep. The water was just the right temperature and the kids could run and jump. It was great.

I forgot Krayden's swimsuit so he is wearing the bottoms of one of Kynlee's (I packed two for her). The funny thing is he liked these bottoms more than his real swimsuit. The coldness of the wet swimsuit gets him every time.

The hot tub had a water fall. I like the tan line.

My super hot husband and Kynlee enjoying the nice water of the hot tub.

He wanted to sit in his little tube, but was getting mad when it really didn't float. (remember it's only 1 1/2 deep.

Bowling at the fun park.

Father like son. Buttons and more buttons

Babe sorry about cutting off your head :(

Chad after he just got a strike.

Emma had to have her fun too!!!

Buttons again. Shh don't tell dad!!

Jeanne, Nicole and Kynlee. Kynlee loved her "cousin" She couldn't remember her name, so she called her cousin all reunion long.

Kynlee trying to roller skate. She begged and begged and we finally gave in. We should just listen to ourselves. She skated for about two minutes then was done. It was "too slippery" and "maybe when I am big like five then I can do it"

The reunion was fun, it's just funny we just hang out with our own little family anyways because we really don't know any one else. I know, I know that's what reunions are for to get to know other people but there weren't very many activities that allowed us to be all together in one big group. We spent the time in Logan doing all the stuff that we never did when we lived there. We went to Cox Honey and to Gossner Cheese. Fun times. See you in two years.

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