Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

 I love this train!!  I love the way it smokes and the train noise it makes.  I just love everything about it.  It puts the perfect touch to our tree.  I love this picture!!  Trevin would just sit and watch the train go round and round for hours.  Oh the magic of a Christmas train.  

These are our stockings hung with care.  My mom did this advent calendar when we were little.  There is a string for each day until Christmas and each night the kids get to pull one out and there is a treat on the end.  I like this way because each kid gets to participate each night. 

The kids watching dad hang the lights on the house.  Who needs ladders anymore?  Dad just uses the windows throughout the house to climb in and out.  

B Man wanted to help too...

Losing interest

All done. (Kynlee thinks I'm mean because I took a picture of him crying:))

The kids getting their turn on the roof.  This was the highlight of the day.

Mean mom....I wouldn't let Trevin walk on the roof, but he got the longest turn to sit outside.

Krayden's turn.  (Notice I did not take a turn.  I stuck my head out the window to get the pictures.  That is good enough for me.)

Flick came back and hid in a lot of different places

We found him in Krayden's room riding a Harley.  I told him to ask Santa to get one for both of us.  I hope he got his because I didn't get mine.

Sitting on Santa's lap. 

Every time someone asks what Trevin's name is he tell them 3.  We are working on that!! ( He went to nursery and they had a substitute and when they asked him his name he said "one, two, three"  so on all of his papers they wrote "3" we all got a good laugh)

It was too cold where this Santa was to get little man out so this will have to do as his Santa Picture 

Christmas Eve
They are all wearing their PJ's from Nana.  I think this one is funny because Braylund is totally getting Ellie

This is the best one out of the lot.  Oh well.  They were having fun and I made them stop for a picture.  Can't blame them for not wanting to look at me.


The only things that my kids asked for on their Christmas lists were iPads.  (When they talked to Santa it was different every time.  Good thing we go of the list)  They didn't get their iPads but they each did get a tablet.  They were in heaven!!!

Each got a pair of earphones to go with it.  Santa was super smart on this one!!!

Kynlee with her tablet and her bean bag from papa.  
My dad got each of the kids a bean bag and it was the perfect gift.

 This little guy slept through all the fun.  He go a new bottle, lotion and baby wash in his stocking and got a little toy that makes lots of noise from Santa.

Jon got a belt buckle

This Christmas was just perfect.  We were able to mainly focus on the main reason for the season.  We were able to talk with our kids about our Savior and all the blessings that we have.  We didn't go into debt and we were well prepared before hand so we didn't feel like we had to go out and buy the "last minute" gifts.  We were surrounded by the ones we love most and were able to make memories with them.  We did our traditional beef tenderloin dinner and had lots of family over on Christmas Eve.  Going to church on Christmas Day was just the right touch.  What better way to celebrate Christ's birth than with a great Christmas program?  Then we had the traditional big breakfast and later that day we had a fire in the fire pit and roasted marshmallows and made s'mores.  I am so blessed and feel so grateful for what the Lord has blessed me with.  I have a wonderful husband and four awesome healthy children.  I have parents and in-laws that support us and all that we do.  I have a testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel.  Really I have all that I could ever want or need and that is the greatest gift.

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