Wednesday, December 14, 2011

These 3 might look innocent

***I watch my two nieces who are 3 and 2 so it is like having triplets***

So far they have
opened 10 packages of kool-aid and dumped them all over the floor
they have emptied out the whole bookcase
Have some how tipped over a big cabinet in the bathroom
Tore out all the pages in the book of Moroni in my Scriptures
They have colored on the walls
They have warranted us to buy locks for three rooms upstairs to stop making messes
in those 3 rooms they have
dumped all Polly pockets, barbies, shampoo, and clothes out of drawers

I love them all to pieces and are glad they are such good friends.  Can't wait to see what the teenage years old.  Heaven help us all!!!!

1 comment:

Jenny said...

It's amazing the house still stands after kids. And it makes me serious wonder how my parents did this!