Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Birthday Fun

Went to bed 6 and woke up 7!!!

She chose "the fire place" (Tepanaki) for dinner

This guy was a little nervous

The BEST part, well besides the steak

This year was a family party but party we did

The cake

Licking the frosting off the Barbie

Now here comes the fun part

There was enough candy that all the parents were trying to leave bags full here.  We would not have that.  It's not a party without going home with enough candy to make you sick and make a huge mess.  (That's why we do it at the end, so they have to take it home).  It was some fun times had by all.  She did remind me at the end though that next year was a friend party.  Can't believe that she has blessed our lives for 7 years.  Can't wait for what's to come

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