Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Because It's Jesus' Plan

You Used to be my baby....



Now you are my big girl.....

What in the heck happened?

My Dearest Kynlee I would really like it if you would stop growing up and getting older. If you could just stop getting taller, losing teeth and stop having birthdays. I know that you really like birthdays and all but I will pinkie promise you that if you stop getting bigger I will give you five non-birthday parties a year. Do we have a deal?

I am writing this after I put you to bed for the last time of you being six, as I tucked you in and said goodnight you were so excited to go to sleep because you can't wait for your birthday. I laid by you for a minute and told you that I wish time would hold still and you just laughed. Then I told you stop growing up and you laughed some more and said that you had to because it was Jesus' plan for you to grow up. Of course you are right but how I wish you could stay my little girl forever. As I was looking at the pictures to put with your special blog post a ton of emotion came over me. You were the first one to give me the title of mom. When I held you in my arms for the very first time love filled every part of my body. I would cuddle with you all day long, I would nap with you, watch TV with you laying on my chest sleeping. The only time you would sleep in your bed was at night and I didn't want to hurt you while you slept. Kynlee Babe you have brought me so much joy and happiness these last seven years and you did it by just being you.

  While Dad and I were hanging your decorations tonight we both kept saying I can't believe that she is going to be seven. Then I would walk past a picture of you when you were younger and think back to that time and again emotions would come flowing. You are the BEST big sister ever. Krayden and Trevin look up to you so much and Braylund smiles the biggest smiles ever at you. You help your brothers do what ever they need. They love you so much. Two Sunday's ago you and Krayden were passing notes back and forth. Krayden started and his said Kynlee I love you (dad helped him) then you would write back and say "I love you two" I kept them and put them in my journal. You love to help me with Braylund. If he is crying you will rock him, you can get him out of his bed and put him in the swing. You know how to wrap him up just like I do. I love it when I come in my room and you are just laying on my bed cuddling with him.

You LOVE to read. You sleep with books under your pillow. You read at night by the light of your night light. You have a book in the car too and one of your favorite days is Tuesday because that is library day. It's so fun because now you are starting to read the books that I read when I was your age. But your favorite books by far are Junie B. You play school with Krayden and Trevin and you read them book after book. I love to listen to you read.

Kynlee Babe I love you so much. Have the best birthday ever. And just remember my offer still stands!!

Love you to infinity and beyond




Chelsea said...

You've got me in tears! That is the sweetest post. That is just how every mom feels watching their first baby grow up. Kynlee is so beautifu! Happy birthday to such a sweet sweet girl!

Stephanie said...

What a nice post. You are so good at expressing yourself. As I read, I kept thinking "Yes! I feel the same way!"

Happy Birthdy, Kynlee.