Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mother of the Year 2011....NOT even close!!!

I have a feeling I will never be nominated for the Mother of the Year Award.  I won't follow the great example that Jon's grandma was as being the Mother of the Year in 1993.  I will never have the license plate that proclaims I won the prestigious award, I won't give any fancy speech and I won't have a plaque to display and here's why.

It all started as any other Thursday.  Well not quite I guess it was only my second Thursday with having a newborn.  My mom was here helping me (please read my mom was here doing everything for me).  All I have to do is wake up and hold my sweet little boy, and remember what activities my children have on certain days and that is where I failed on this particular Thursday afternoon.

I thought I was so on top of things.  I write the directions to get Krayden to preschool.  Feeling pretty good about myself for remembering all the names of the streets that my mom will have to turn on. ( I swear there are about thirty:))  My mom goes and drops him off and comes home and we are sitting on the couch just chatting when I am hit with a thought, not a very good thought I might add.  I hurry and jump up and run to the computer and check my email.  Yep sure enough at the bottom of an email from Krayden's teacher it says that there will be preschool on March 31st.  Seriously?  Yep, the date was March 31st.  He had been at the preschool for an hour and half before I realized that he didn't have school.  I start freaking out my mom hurries to the car to go get him and I call Jon crying thinking I have lost our son and he would be out wandering the streets the Herriman.  He hurries home mean while my mom calls and says that she had picked him up in front of the school.  He was sitting all alone on the curb in front of the gate just waiting for us.  He was a little sad and a lot mad for taking so long to come and get him:)  ( A little history to this story.  So when my mom drops him off she realizes the gate is closed but another mom drops off her little girl and opens the gate for both kids to go through.  The other mom leaves so my mom does too.)  Mean while I am crying and I do some more crying as I keep thinking that he had been sitting there for an hour and half all by himself.  I guess the other little girl lives close so she and Krayden start walking but he realizes that that is not the way to his house so he turns around and goes back to the preschool.  He said that he cried for a little bit but then stopped and was just waiting and that we took forever to come and pick him up.  He was right about that.  I can't even imagine how slow the time was moving for him.  He was so brave and so SMART!!  I really thought we would be out searching the streets for him because he would try to walk home.  When my mom got home with him she had him come over and tell me that we was ok and give me a hug because I was crying so hard.  It was funny I should have been the one hugging him and giving him comfort but that was not the case.  But in my defense I still don't get out much and really don't know the date yet.  I know what day of the week it is but not the date.  Just the other day I was talking to someone and I was like what is today the 9th?  Oh no, I was not even close it was the 16th.  I guess I need to get out more!!  I blame it on the weather:)

So there you have it.  I will never be awarded the Mother of the Year.  Maybe if they had the award the Mother of the Minute I could achieve that status.  But until then I will just keep checking the preschool calendar to make sure that Kray Boy really does have school.

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Stephanie said...

Oh goodness. I would have been hysterical too. Not so long ago, my brother dropped Mason (then 3) off at gymnastics but didn't take him inside...just assumed that he'd know where to go because I hadn't instructed him otherwise. Mason didn't know where to go and he sat there for an hour until I came to pick him up after his class had ended

Guess I'm not getting a mother of the year award either!