Friday, March 25, 2011


Braylund Tim Larsen
7 lbs 9 oz
March 23, 2011

But just mainly known as "baby" around here.  When you ask Trevin what his name is he says "baby".  Kynlee and Krayden always ask to hold the "baby" and mom and dad always say don't touch that it's the "baby's".

This was probably the best labor that I have had.  It was SO different from all the others.  I was having labor pains for quite awhile and a week before I was having contractions for about 6 hours but they never got closer than 4-5 minutes apart and they weren't all that painful.  I call the doctor and he has me come.  I was dilated to a 4 but since all activity had stopped he sent me home to "take it easy".  So when Tuesday night came I wasn't feeling too good and kept having contractions but again nothing was to close.  Jon and I watched a movie and I was still not feeling that great and they started getting more painful but not any closer together.  It was about one in the morning and Jon asked if we needed to go.  I had no idea, like I said this wasn't how the other ones had happened.  Jon was funny and kept saying I don't think it's time...I don't see any tears.  (All the other kids I did cry through some contractions).  But finally Jon decided to call our help and there was no answer.  It was a good thing because about ten minutes all contractions STOPPED!!  So I told Jon we should just go to sleep.  He told me to try to get some rest and he went and packed the car.  We ended up going to sleep but I would wake up about once an hour with a hard contraction but that would be it.  I woke up to get Kynlee ready for school and walked her to the bus.  Walking home from the bus stop I had a lot of pressure but still no contractions.  I decided to call my doctor since he had me come in the time before that I had done this and now I was having pressure.  They told me to go into labor and delivery and get checked out there since I was already at a 4.  I drove myself to the hospital and Jon stayed with the kids. ( I thought they were going to tell me to go home and it wasn't time yet).  They hook me up to the monitors around 10:30 and all of a sudden the contractions start again they monitor me for about an hour and see that I am having more and more and I am admitted.  I call Jon, he calls his mom and then drops the kids off at Hillaree's.  By the time Jon get to the hospital at noon I have had my epidural and it was pretty easy sailing after that.  Around 4 I was ready.  We had to wait for the doctor for what seemed like forever because I was READY.  It was a good thing we waited.  I pushed one and a half times and he was here!! 

The night he was born the cute little guy gave us a little a big scare.  He was kind of spitty all day long and was doing pretty good at getting all the yucky stuff out of his tummy.  We had the little bulb thing close by just in case we had to suction him and it was a good thing we did.  I was eating dinner and Braylund was in his little bed next to me when all of a sudden a hear a gurgle sound and look over and he had spit up so much that it was coming out his nose.  I tell Jon to hurry over and wipe him up.  When Jon got to his bed he spit again but was having trouble getting it up this time.  Good thing Jon has training in this now. So Jon starts to suction him with the bulb but all this gunk is still stuck in Braylund's throat and he can't work it up.  Braylund is no longer breathing and is starting to turn really red.  I press the nurse call button on my bed and nothing happens.  I am starting to panic because he is no longer red but turning different shades of blue and purple.  Jon is still suctioning and getting stuff out but not all of it.  I use a different call button and get some help.  The CNA rushes in and grabs Braylund and she tries to get it up and then rushes him to the nursery.  At this time he is still bluish purple but is making some noise so we know he is getting some oxygen.  But they did end up calling a code blue on him and had to stick an IV in his little head to get labs.  So at about 5 hours old he had a chest x-ray, an IV in his head, his little tummy suctioned and he had to stay in the nursery for evaluation.  It's a good thing that they wanted him in the nursery because he ended up doing it again and I don't think I could have handled round 2.  Round one was scary enough for me.  Jon is going to make a great Respiratory Therapist he remained calm the whole time and was very good at what he was doing.  

I'll love you forever...I'll like you for always.  As long as I'm living my baby you'll be!!!


Stephanie said...

Congrats guys! He's a beautiful baby. Glad your labor went well!!

Jenny said...

Wahoo! I can't believe you have four kids. That is so scary though... I don't know if I would have known what to do.