Monday, March 21, 2011

Another Year Older

 Happy Birthday Babe!!!
 His Red Velvet Cake... I love the candle.  Ever since turning 30 it has been a joke about how old he is.
He finally got his cozy blanket after nine years of being married.

I love you so much.  You have put in so many late nights and hard hours returning back to school.  You do so much for our family and I couldn't ask for any one better.  Life is so much easier with you around!!  You make my world go round.  You are my rock to lean on and my anchor to keep me grounded.  You are the best dad ever!!  You wrestle till you get a head ache and I love to watch the matches come down to the final minute until bedtime.  It seems you have a knack of knowing when that is and getting them all wild just before bed.  I love how the kids know to go to you if they want something.  I love how you can't stand to tell them no.  (Yes I know I complain sometimes about that one) but I really do love your tender heart.  You make me a better person and remind me to not sweat the small stuff.  You live in the moment and and don't hold anything back.  You are spontaneous and can fly by the seat of your pants.  I love that!!  I am so not that way but try to be because you have shown me how fun it is.  You are my best friend.  Happy Birthday. 
Loved you once, Love you still, Always have, Always will!!!

Love ya tonz

Love Me

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