Saturday, April 23, 2011

Time needs to STOP

Because you are ONE MONTH ALREADY!!!

In your first month you have done a lot of sleeping

 You were the only one that could wear a new born oneise
 You showed me that Trevin is a BIG boy
 You survived Kynlee having strep throat

 You quadrupled the diaper changing around here

 You reinforced that I still have a lot to learn about photography
but that's ok becasue we had fun. 

 You are the most loved baby

 You are awake and not very happy from 7:30-midnight. (Everyone says that you are a normal baby.  That might be the case but you are not normal for us. We have never had a baby that fussed)  We love you any way and I love the time I get to hold you when the other kids are asleep
 You tricked me into thinking you liked your binky
 You sleep from midnight until 8:30am
 When you are awake you love the swing. (I love how only your toes and hand are showing)
You love to be wrapped up tight and your face covered.  (Don't worry I pull it your blanket off your face about twenty times a day but some how you manage to cover it back it up)
 Did I mention that you sleep from midnight unitl 8:30am
 You hate tub time!!!
But most important you stole my heart!!!

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