Friday, January 8, 2010

So Far

this has been my day...poopy. I'm in my office emailing something to Jon for work and Trevin starts crying. Once I finish and I'm getting to the hallway I smell something rancid. I knew that it couldn't be good if I could smell it and not even see him yet. I get closer to my crying baby and can see the cause of his discomfort. There is poop EVERYWHERE!! So off comes the diaper (this time Huggies failed me, there was more poop out of the diaper than inside) and straight to the tub he goes. While I am rinsing him off I see two pretty big spots on the top of his head of missing hair, as I come in for a closer look I can see that it has been nicely (or not) CUT!! To nicely done to be the work of Krayden so the only other culprit? You guessed it his big sister decided his hair was to long and took matters into her own hands. 

I grabbed my camera to document her handy work and then sent her to her room to remember who can and cannot cut hair. (When asked why she did it she told me she forgot the rules.) I seriously wonder how she got so close to his head? As I was trying to trim the surrounding areas his head was moving in circles so fast that I became dizzy.

In the meantime...Krayden has to have his part in this story...he gets ahold of the camera and some how deletes ALL pictures, or I would show you what a five year old can do with a pair of scissors and her little brothers hair. 

But all things considered I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!!

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