Friday, January 15, 2010

Jumping on The Band Wagon

And a little late at that.  But never mind about that.  I have chosen myself a word for the year.  I am a New Year's resolution kind of gal and I always have been.  I still have my list of goals but this word fits in with all of them.  So without further adue, (is that how you even spell it?)

My word for 2010 is

Remember Christ
Remember to read the Book of Mormon
"Remember Lot's Wife"
Remember I am a Child of God
Remember to strive to be a better wife
Remember to strive to be a better mom
Remember to exercise
Remember to live in the moment
Remember I LOVE laundry
Remember to journal (blog)

So there you have it, I have other goals that I hope to accomplish and remember fits in nicely.  I am sure the list will grow but just having one word to "remember" thoughout the year will hopefully help me accomplish what I have set out to do.

Here's to 2010!!!

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