Thursday, June 18, 2009


Kynlee and her friend are screaming in the front yard. I come running and to my surprise they are yelling becuase a snake is making it's way into my garage. I fratically call Jon and ask him what I should I do. He calmly tells me to pick it up. Yeah, I don't think he rememberd who is was talking to. I see some neighborhood boys coming home from school, I call for them to come over and they of course think it's the coolest thing ever. They pick it up and once Kynlee sees there is no harm she decides to hold it to. Much more brave then her mom.

We come home from chruch and there is this HUGE beetle on the entry way from the garage, I again call for Jon's help but need before I know it Krayden is picking it up and letting it crawl all over him. I am trying not to freak out, I don't want him to be as scared as bugs as I am. But still it was gross, Jon was even having a hard time touching it. (when it would crawl to place on Kray that he couldn't reach. He is so brave.

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