Thursday, June 18, 2009

Friday Night Movie Night and...


Every Friday night we have movie night where we either go to redbox or we just watch one that we own, on the wall of course. Jon hooks up the projector and we are set. The kids love this (treats are usually involved)! And if the kids are really good during the day and if they sleep in their beds without coming down at least for two nights that week then we get to have a CAMP OUT. Probably the best part of the whole thing. We get in our comfy's, grab our blankets and every pillow in the house and watch the movie on the most "cozy" bed. The kids minus Trevin sleep here while mom and dad go to their bed. Kynlee of course doesn't understand this and begs and begs for all of us to sleep together. We try but there is only so much room. All in all we have great time and the best part for mom is we are spending time as a family. Hopefully the weather will be better and start acting more like summer so we can have movie night outside and watch it on the house under the stars.

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