Thursday, February 26, 2009

What Are We Going To Do With Him

Yes this cute little boy is giving me some trouble. I know hard to believe, you just look at that cute face and those long eyelashes with those oh so dreamy eyes and you have a "little boy". So much different than his sister. He walks around punching walls, poking, hitting and teasing and shooting guns. How do little boys learn all of that so fast.

Take last night, we put the kids to bed and do the normal routine. We kiss Kynlee good night, put Krayden's blanket on and I go in the hall to sing them some songs, so they can both hear and see me. After about 10 minutes Krayden is out of his bed and playing with his toys. I go lay him back down and am now laying by his bed so he stays in it, he tosses and turns, tells me he is not tired but is laying down still. I fall asleep somewhere and wake up to him hitting me with his blanket. By this time I am so tired I take him downstairs to lay him in my bed so maybe I can get some sleep. I must have been dreaming. By the time I get him in my bed it has been over an hour since we started to go to bed. He is kicking off the covers rolling over this way and that. He finally fell asleep after two hours of trying. Jon kept saying if I wasn't so tired and onery i might find it funny. Well today after a I semi good nights rest I find it funny. (Some what) I just hope that we haven't started something.

Krayden I love you so much and you do keep on my toes!! You bring so much joy and laughter into our family. I LOVE YOU!!!

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