Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December All "Wrapped" Up Part One

We went to see the Pickleville Christmas show. It was very good as always and the kids had a great time. Kynlee loves to see the show and loves to see TJ even more.

I think we have a Pickleville performer on our hands

Kynlee thinks that Trevin needs soft cuddly animals to sleep just like she does. I was making my bed and came out to find Trevin all set up.

We told Kynlee she had to lay down and go to sleep she was so onery and this is how we found her. She has so much love for this little guy if we could power things with love she could provide enough for world.

Krayden wanted to sleep by the "baby" instead of in his bed. He is just faking it here but still too cute

Dad and Trevin dude

We got family pictures but I wanted some in front of our tree.

Me trying to be a photographer. What was I thinking?

Had to make an appearance for the Great Grandparents. He was a HIT!!!

Grandma Great Christofferson

Grandma and Grandpa Great Larsen

Livie and Trevin only 9 days apart (Livie's blessing day Dec 7,2008)

The three Larsen babies born this year--Livie November 3, Joey May 28, and Trevin November 12

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