Thursday, January 1, 2009

December all "Wrapped" up part two

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the fun time that we had at the Sports Academy. We all had a BLAST

Look how handsome

Kynlee got to drive around in Jase's Christmas present.

Krayden didn't care that is was freezing outside. He could ride on "vroom vroom's" all day if his dad would take him. (or his mom)

Riley showing us how skinny he is. I say he wins!!

We played indoor soccer and kick ball. It was boys against girls. I have to say that the girls won fair and square in kick ball by a huge margin but the boys beat us by one in soccer. It was so much fun to have everyone involved.

Esbey and Daisy showing off their nice ref uniforms.

Kynlee got a "DS" or Vsmile for Christmas so she could fit in with the boys.

They are eating mac and cheese Krayden's favorite

Krayden all bundled up to help dad clear the drive way so Papa could go home.

Kynlee just wanted to play

We had a huge snow storm Christmas Eve into Christmas Day. Seriously it was so big. We were snowed in and we had to get my dad out so he could go back home to Logan. With my Dad and Jon out clearing off the driveway with snow blower and shovel it took about an hour and then my dad had to be towed out of the neighborhood. Nothing like being snowed in on Christmas

Trevin got the new bumble seat from Santa I think he looks so funny sitting up and not even two months old.

This is Flick, Santa's little helper. He hangs around our house during the Holiday's to make sure the children are staying on the nice list. When the kids go to bed he makes the trip back to the North Pole and reports back to Santa. Then in the morning he makes the return trip back to our house into a new spot and the kids have to find him. After Christmas he goes back to the North Pole to help Santa get ready for the next Christmas. We are anxiously awaiting his return after Thanksgiving.

My dad stayed with us for Christmas. Thanks Dad for coming it was a blast.


Kynlee being a model in her new jammies

She burned her hand on the curling iron a few days before


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