Thursday, December 18, 2008

Night Time, Random Thoughts, and Things I Love

My little guy has a sleeping schedule that makes it just right to spend some alone time with him and I wouldn't have it any other way. As of right now he is awake from about 10:00 pm to 1:00 am. I know it might seem crazy but he does sleep until 8:00 or a little later so it makes it nice. I get to be up with him and not have to worry about anything else but just holding and cuddling him. I should be working on other things like cleaning my house, doing laundry or getting stuff done that has been waiting around for me for ages but I just can't. I feel guilty not being able to hold him during the day when I am doing other activities with Kynlee and Krayden, I think really the only time I get to hold him is when he needs to eat so this is "our time" I love how it is so quiet and we both just look at the Christmas tree lights and nothing could be more perfect. He is starting to focus more now on a object and every once in awhile I can get him to smile. It's moments like these that make it worth every time I had to throw up, all the pain that I had with this pregnancy to be a mom. I couldn't ask for more of a greater calling.

It seems like he is growing up way to fast. He is almost out of 0-3 month clothes and is only 5 weeks. For some reason I want him to stay little a lot more than I did with Kynlee and Krayden. It seems with each kid it gets worse and worse. With Kynlee it was like I wanted her to grow up fast so I could see each stage and have fun with all the "newness" then with Krayden I new it would come so was not pushing it as much and with poor Trevin I wish I could stop time and he could be like this until I was ready for him to move on. The more I wish time would stand still the faster it moves forward. I love each of the stages that my children are in right now, we have so much fun. Kynlee and Kray play so well together (for the most part) the funny thing is Krayden beats up on Kynlee. Just the other day I hear Kynlee scream and then cry and walks in Krayden and says "I pulled nynlee's hair that's not nice huh mom?" first i laughed he knew exactly what I was going to say and then I put him in time out. But he is so tender with Trevin. He kisses him none stop I am always washing Trevin's head from all the sticky that Krayden leaves behind. It seems that Trevin always gets a kiss right after Krayden eats.

Things I love
I love when I feed Trevin and he holds my finger
I love how Kynlee and Krayden play together
I love the laughter my children bring in my home
I love my sweet husband/best friend/best dad
I love the way a new baby smells
I love Christmas time and the spirit it brings
I love my parents
I love my husbands parents
I love my siblings

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