Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Now there are eight

My little puppy that I was nursing back to health didn't make it. She died Saturday morning. I don't think a pregnant person should take care of any kind of baby. When she came home from the hospital I had to tube feed her every two hours. At first I was a little stressed but after awhile I became really attached. Some people would look at her and say she didn't look very well and I was like ya she does I think she is getting bigger everyday. Well Friday night came and she did look a little sick and she was blood in her stools. I went to bed and set my alarm so I could get up and feed her. About 2 that morning Janell brings her into my room and she is having trouble breathing. I just held that little puppy and cried. It is funny because I really don't love dogs, but I didn't want this one to die. I had gotten up every two hours to feed her I had changed the bedding for her and she was just so cute. I held her for about an hour and couldn't take it any more. Jon stayed up with her that night. I woke up and Jon told me that she passed away about 4:30 that morning. We told Kynlee, and it made me cry even more. Her little eyes teared up and she said "I didn't want her to die" we put the puppy in a box with some blue (kynlee's favorite color) blankets and we buried her in the back yard. Kynlee wants to see the puppy's grave about three times a day. And every once in awhile she will tell me she misses it. She is now very protective of the other puppies and gets upset if other kids are "breaking the rules." It will be sad when we have to give them to their new owners. At least we have another 5-6 weeks with them.


Haylee Munk Brown said...

oh, I am sorry. I am sad to hear that the little one didn't make it. I hope everything else goes smoothly with the rest.

The Ratcliffs said...

I am so sorry you had to go thru that..
It reminds me of my Noah when I read it. We tube feed him every 2 hours. He passed away at night - had a low temp and trouble breathing just like your little puppy. It is sad to say goodbye.
Do any of our other cuzs have blogs? The pictures are so cute!
Love ya - Sara

Chelsea said...

So sad!! I love the disneyland pics. I think I'm going to start a disney bank too. What a great idea!