Wednesday, July 16, 2008

101 Dalmations?!?!?!

Kynlee with the puppies the night they were born

All NINE!!!!!

This one stole my heart. She is so cute

Well our dog had her puppies two days ago and they are pretty cute.They will be much cuter when they can open their eyes. And Mike I guess an ultra sound on a dog doesn't do the dog justice. She went into labor about nine in the morning my nieces went to go get her from outside to bring her in, we knew it was getting close. I was getting in the shower with Krayden when all of a sudden they are running in yelling at me that Dessie is having her puppies. I hurry up and get dressed and run out. Sure enough there is one little puppy in the dog house and she is delivering one. I start freaking out (I told jon not to leave me with a dog having puppies) I call jon and tell him what is going on he thinks i'm funny I have my niece go and get my brother in law who delivers human babies to come and help. We bring all the blankets in from downstairs (where she was supposed to have them) she makes a little nest and about 15 min delivers another one. Then jon arrives home from work and we sit and wait and wait. An hour and half goes by and there are no more puppies. We are like come on Dessie you still have four more. We call the vet and they tell us to bring her in since it has been so long. Jon and Dave take her to the vet and they x-ray and ultrasound her again and tell us all four puppies are alive. The give her a shot of pit (yes just like us humans) Jon and Dave come home since there is nothing they can do there. About an hour later they call me and tell me that she has delivered two more and I should come get her so she can deliver the next two in a comfortable spot. (Jon has left back to work at this time since I have calmed down) Dave comes with me to help with the puppies and Dessie so off we go again. We get there and find out that she has had the last two, so all seven are here. I am getting ready to pay the bill when they are getting Dessie ready, well out comes a tech and is like we are just waiting for one more puppy that is being delivered right now. I started to say I think you have the wrong dog we only have seven puppies. She could see the shock on my face and explained that it was Dessie and this puppy must have been hiden away somewhere. The Doctor then wants to do another x-ray to see if there are any more. Low and behold she comes back in with the news that there is one more so we are the proud grandparents of nine puppies. Holy Crap!!! That wasn't supposed to happen. The ninth one took almost another two hours to be born so the poor thing was in labor for 10 hours we took the mom and the puppies home around 7 that evening. Today we had to take the little one to the animal hospital. She was dying. She wasn't getting anything to eat and her temp was really low. She wasn't moving so now she is admitted and they are trying to get her to survive. When she comes home I will have to tube feed her. Man puppies are a lot more work than babies.


Jeff, Jenny and Pearl said...

WOAH!!! I didn't know you guys were brave enough to try kids, pregnancy, and now puppies. How fun though! Hey thanks for the memory. Everytime I see a moose or hear about a moose getting loose in the city I think of that morning. My husband gets so sick of me telling that story! I remember when you first moved in and was so happy to have a friend who liked real sports instead of dancing!!! Oh and the time a bunch of us were at your house and you made us coldstone ice cream and kept telling me how cool it was. I was thinking you were crazy for smushing ice cream all over a counter!

Haylee Munk Brown said...

Your right!!! 101 Dalmations!!! That is awesome!! I remember when our dog had puppies when I was little, it wasn't half that dramatic, but she did have seven and they looked like mini cows. Fun times. I hope that the little one makes it!!! Keep us posted!