Sunday, July 6, 2008

Kynlee and Krayden took us to Disneyland

When Kynlee was born we bought a "bank" it was a large
plastic Pepsi bottle and whenever Jon or I had any
spare change or ones we would put them in her bank.
As she got older we told her it was to go to Disneyland.
It really sparked her interest and she would find money on the
ground, put it in her pocket and then put it in her bank.
When she would get money for birthdays half would go in the bank
and the other half she would be able to spend. When Krayden came
along the donations were made for the both of them and on May 7th we made
the trip to "the Happiest Place on Earth"

Almost four years of savings. Way to go kids!!

What's Disneyland without face painting? She chose "stinker bell"

Me, Summer and Mylie

The only family picture out of the whole trip.

"Mom, why is he so sad?"

Kynlee and Sadie. They had the best time together.
It's always fun to get together with cousins.

Kynlee, Krayden, Sadie and Mylie with the Fairy Godmother.
She was a hoot. She can actually fly, don't believe me just ask

Captain Hook Stole Kynlee's pen to her autograph book and
she thought it was the coolest thing ever. He would come by and
tease her and she would just laugh. It took Kray a little bit to like him.

Do you think he needs a brother? After Kynlee would get her picture
with the princesses then he would say "my turn, my turn"
If he didn't get a turn he wasn't very happy.

I think the Prince found his Princess

Kynlee's favorite Princess. She just stood there are stared.

"Mom is she going to die? She's not in water!"

This is Kray's favorite thing to do "DRIVE"

Jon's favorite thing at the zoo.

Seriously, these are the biggest goats I have ever seen.
Krayden wouldn't get down.

Kynlee on the other hand was too close for comfort for me.
I'm glad they have a dad that likes animals!!

The weather wasn't very good, kinda cloudy, a little breezy, and
somewhat cold. This is as close as we would get all week long.
I was so DEPRESSED!!

We ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp. YUMMY!!!

It was a really fun vacation, and to see Kynlee experience Disneyland and have so much fun was priceless. Her favorite was was the materhorn or the mountain as she calls it. She didn't care too much for the Tower of Terror (her cousin that she was with loves it) and Kynlee wanted to try it out. She didn't cry but said that she didn't want to ride it "ever again" Every day she asks if we are going to Disneyland "today" I told her when the new baby comes. "ya cuz the new baby wants to get its picture with princesses too. Maybe the baby can sit in the sea shell."


Brooke said...

So much fun! I can't wait til we can take Brielle! I bet it is so much more fun with kids...your own kids!!

Haylee Munk Brown said...

Great pictures!! I love Disneyland!! I wish I was still living in San Diego when you were there!!!

Kajsa said...

looks like so much fun! we will have to join yall sometime in the future!