Monday, June 23, 2008

"I'm not LITTLE. I'm BIG!!!!"

Kynlee turned 4!! I can't believe that I have a 4 year old. Time flies by so quickly. I always you are my favorite little Kynlee and I get the reply I'm not little, I'm big!!

What is a party without a pinata? She wanted a ballerina party so her cake had ballerinas on it but I had to settle for the princess pinata. She too sad. I think we filled it a little too full for how many kids were there. They all had fun taking a whack at it.

She got ballerina slippers and a little tutu to go with them. She wanted to put them on right there but she had to wait until we got home.

Kynlee and Brynlee with their ballerinas off the cake. We celebrated together this year. They are One year and a day apart. They make great friends.

She got lots of neat presents from her aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpa. She got this BBQ bubble blower from Nana.
Kynlee Babe we love you so much!! You bring so much happiness into our lives. You can bring a smile to my face at any moment. You are so tender and I love how you say "I love you mom." a hundred times a day. You are the smartest little (I mean big) girl ever. You love to learn and play games. We could play all day. You are just so full of life, everything you do you do with such passion. You are a really big help around the house and with Krayden. I love how you are never sleepy but once you close your eyes you don't open them until morning, how you could eat cereal for every meal if I let you, how you love coke coke, how you remember Jo Jo and we have to find her star every night, how you remember what you learn in church. You teach me so much everyday, Thanks for being you. Love mom
I asked Kynlee what her favorite foods were so we could have them for her birthday dinner. Her reply was... Cereal, eggs, corn and steak. So I bet you can guess that we had corn on the cob and steak. I guess we could have had Sunday dinner with cereal and eggs but I don't know if the other family members would enjoy that as much. My mom, Cortney, Jake, Chad, Katie and "baby Emma" came over for dinner. It was a fun time. After dinner we met up with Jer and Hill and their family, and Grandma and Grandpa for a little party. We headed up a little canyon (so it wouldn't be so hot) it was really nice. There were a couple of deer that would come really close. We had a fire and some cake. Kynlee opened her presents and we broke open a pinata. It was really fun. On the way up there we ran out of gas. Our lives are never dull. Sometimes our gas gauge gets stuck and we have to go off of miles. Well we thought we had about 60 or so miles left. We guessed wrong. So thankfully there were some people on four wheelers that had a little extra. About enough to get us home. All in all it was a good day. And the most important thing was that Kynlee had fun. Happy Birthday Kynlee Babe. WE LOVE YOU!!!

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