Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Almost Forgot

My little baby moved for the first time yesterday (well the first time I could feel it). I almost forgot how happy it makes you feel. Now I find myself stopping what I am doing just to see I can feel it. It's almost like if I don't stop I will miss it. With life being so busy I don't want to miss out on the best parts of being pregnant. I love the little butterflies flying in my tummy and just wish everyone could feel it too. It just makes it seem "so real". I told Kynlee I could feel the baby in my tummy now so it is getting bigger she wanted to look in my belly button so she could see it, how I wish that is the way it works. I get my ultra sound next week, only one other person is allowed in the room with me and no kids. When I found that out I was so sad I was planning on getting a babysitter for Kray Boy and taking Kynlee along with us. She has been so excited to find out what it is. Kray is funny I ask where the baby is and he looks around and shrugs since he can't see the baby then I point to my growing belly and ask "is it in here" he lifts up my shirt, points and says "your button" then he lifts up his shirt and finds his button. It will be interesting on how he reacts to the new little one. I hold my little niece and nephew and he comes over alittle onery with a sour look on his face and says "no baby" if I don't give them back he gets more mad, starts crying and alittle rough. Once I give the baby back to their moms I have to hold Krayden or he is stuck by my side for the next hour just to make sure I don't replace him. Hopefully he out grows this by November.

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