Thursday, June 19, 2008


I would post a picture of my own boat and with my family in it if we had it here. It is still in Logan in WINTER storage. With it being two days away from being officially summer I need my boat. But this is really the boat we have and we love it. I just want it in my drive way so when Jon got home from work we could take it to the lake if we wanted. (it's only twenty minutes away) I just want to sit in it I would turn the radio on and at least I would be in the boat. My neighbors would think I was really weird but at least I would have it with me where I can see it. Did I mention that I love boating? This is the one thing that makes me last through the winter is the knowledge that each day leads me closer to getting in the sun and going boating. Maybe one we will make a special trip down to Logan to get "two Smooth"


Haylee Munk Brown said...

I think we need to take up boating too! My husband grew up boating in Michigan, and now we don't have mountains or an ocean, but we do have lakes around us in Houston. I do get a bit of motion sickness when I am in a boat though......Hope you can get yours soon!!!

Tyler & Courtney Herd said...

Carli! this is your cousin Courtney! i found your blog while looking at Stephanie's.Anyway, congrats on the move and then new house! and being prego! how great! I think i'm ready for another kid and my biy is only three months old!anyway, check out our blog

RobynE said...

What's up! this is not the boat I remember. We do need to get together on the lake for a good time together with the boats. Hope to see you this summer.