Friday, March 19, 2010

Trevin Got Tubes...

and HATED every minute of it!!

Seriously, every minute.  I would get him distracted with a toy and a new person in scrubs would walk by and he would scream and run to me.  I guess with all the doctor appointment recently he has figured out that those who wear scrubs often inflict pain.  We got to the point with medicine that we had to start giving shots.  That was a pain, we had to go once a day for three days to get the shot at the doctor's office and it was pure awfulness. 

The procedure took about ten minutes but the recovery was long and painful, long for him and painful more me.  The surgery actually left his ears feeling better with  having to go under and then coming around again was not so fun.  We couldn't leave until he had some juice or slush and he was super stubborn on both.  Just f.y.i primary childrens has the best slushies ever, I ended up eating it and enjoyed every bite.  So anyways about 45 minutes later he finally drank his juice and we were able to go home.  He cried the whole way out in the wagon.  He was a trooper though and now we very happy to be hopefully done with ear infections!! 

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