Friday, March 27, 2009

"March Madness, The Final Four"

Krayden is now the big three, holy moly where has the time gone? He loves Spiderman and today he woke up to the man himself.

"Tell me how old you are"

We went to "the place where they make fire" (Tepanyaki) for his birthday dinner. Ya I know what you're McDonald's...nope my little man wanted Steak. And we were happy to have Jeremy, Hillaree and family join us.

The two birthday boys. Jon turned 29 the day before on the 21st. Yum icecream. I just love these two so much. Jon you still make my heart flutter!! You are the best husband anyone could ever ask for, I am the luckiest girl to have you.
Happy Birthday
Love ya lots
Love me

Then we went bowling with Nana and Cortney. Kynlee dressed herself and I have to admit she was the cutest one at the bowling alley.

Patiently waiting his turn.

We are so glad they came to help us celebrate.

My attempt to make a Spiderman cake. Blue and "almost red"

Krayden I love you so so so so so much. You are a little momma's boy and I wouldn't have it any other way!! You love to play and eat yogurt. You would eat 10 a day if I would let you, and don't forget the mac and cheese. You could and let's face it do live off these to things. You can down a sippy full of juice before I can even put the pitcher back in the fridge, I can't figure out you do it. You light up my life Kray Boy thanks for picking our family.
Happy Birthday bud.


Jon had a medical conference in Vegas so we loaded up and headed to St. George with Grandma and Grandpa. Jon and Jim went to the conference together while Judy and hung out with the kids.


Tub time

Kynlee's very first bubble.

Krayden's kind of swimming.


He would have stayed forever. He loves "vroom vroom's"

Kray in Jase's little dune buggy. He was in HEAVEN!!

Trevin's first "vroom vroom" ride. We had to take him down to the beach like this. It was a little bumpy.

The three boys

"Dad I like the black one...It's supper fast!"

Kynlee wishes that she was five years older so she could be best friends with Esbey. She thinks Esbey is her best friend when it's just the two of them. Thanks Esbey for making Kynlee's day and being a great role model. She loves you so much and at least once a day says "maybe I can do that when I'm big like Esbey."

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