Sunday, March 15, 2009

SNOWY St. George

We went to St. George with Jeremy and Hillaree. It was a crazy weekend. We were up in Pocatello with Jon on some business and on the way home Hillaree called and asked if we wanted to keep driving and come to St. George with them. We (Jon and I) were a little hesitant but our little Kynlee Babe doesn't miss a beat and over heard us talking about going. She would not let up on how much she wanted to go. And we live for our kids right. We explained that we would be in the car for a really long time but that didn't stop her. She was giving suggestions on how we could stay awake and she promised that she would be a good girl. So being wrapped around her little finger we decided to head off to "sunny" St. George. Little did we know we were in for a surprise!! It SNOWED, yes it snowed. Kynlee kept informing us that we really weren't in St. George because St. George was supposed to be warm and this was not warm. She was funny she kept saying "this is the house in St. George Mom but it moved because this is not St. George." All in all it was a fun weekend and we have learned that YES our kids (all three of them) can ride in the car for 12 hours. So that means we can plan more family vacations (wink, wink) I am trying give subtle hints to Jon.

We went to the new Washington City Community Center. It was a fun day of swimming and rock climbing.

Yes I know, Jon informed me, that I am too far away from the wall and that is why I tired too quickly and couldn't make it to the top. Jon and I really need to get back into rock climbing. That is/was one thing that we really enjoyed doing together.

Boys will be Boys!! Just watching a little TV or maybe a lot. I think we watched every Star Wars movie. Thanks Riley!!

Kynlee and Riley get a long great, they both like to play their ds's and watch each other play.
Here they are sitting in a basket together. I don't know how they both fit.

Tevin peacefully just hangin out

"Krayden be soft there is a baby right there. Kray do you see Trevin?"

Ok now we can all relax.

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