Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I hate when I have to learn things the hard way

And sometimes it seems to happen a lot to me.  I sat down to blog about 2 weeks ago and plugged in the camera to find out that all my pictures were gone.  My kids LOVE to take pictures with my camera.  I am thinking that one of them took a picture and went they went to view what they had shot they mistakenly hit the wrong button and deleted every picture.  So from the middle of January until now I have no visual record of what happened which translates into I have no record of what happened in those months.  I try to think back and I know that I had some really cute pictures on my camera.  There are the ones of Braylund with the babysitter in the bathtub.  He loves to play in the tub when I am getting ready for the day and it is perfect because I can see him in the mirror and we just laugh with each other.  I will have to try to get some more.  What is it about bathtubs and babies?  

That is really all I can remember of what was on the camera and that is just because it happens every single day.  So did I learn my lesson?  Yes, and it's not the lesson that most would think that I should learn.  I learned that I should take the pictures off my camera on a more regular basis instead of banning my kids from my camera.  I love to see the world through the eyes of Kynlee, Krayden and Trevin.  True a lot of the pictures need to be deleted because a finger is covering the entire frame, or there are 10000000 of the same thing.  But then there are the times where they capture the perfect moment that could have only been taken from their perspective.  


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Stephanie said...

So sad that you lost your pictures! But so great that you let your kids use your camera! I think that's a great idea.