Friday, September 30, 2011

There are NO words

No really there are NO words, as in they have not been invented or created or how ever words are put into the dictionary for how blessed I am to be part of this family. To be the mother of four beautiful happy healthy children whom I adore beyond anything else in this world. To be loved by a Father in Heaven to give me this time on earth with them. To learn and grow together and have the knowledge that we will be TOGETHER FOREVER.

Kynlee and her spunky personality. She has some great one liners and is the biggest help. She adores her brothers, wishes for two sisters. I love you Kynlee Babe!!!

Krayden who gives me a run for my money and keeps me on my toes (but wouldn't have it any other way) Loves to be active, hates to be bored. He can hit a baseball and loves to play soccer. He makes me smile. I love you Kray Boy!!!

Trevin loves fire trucks and still drinks bone(milk) from a sippy. He is super smart and funny. He doesn't like dinner he likes cereal (his words not mine). I love you Trevin Dude!!!

Braylund is all smiles. He is a great sleeper both for naps and bedtime. He loves to eat baby food. He is super happy and never cries. I love you baby boy!!!


Stephanie said...

LOVE these pictures. So great! What a fantastic family you have.

Haylee Munk Brown said...

These are GREAT pictures of all of you!!