Monday, July 18, 2011

Pickleville and Snow

How Braylund spent his time over Memorial Day Weekend at Pickleville. He loves his swing!! It was so cold that we didn't dare bring him outside. (Day one)

Day two

Day three (He did get out to eat and take one trip outside but he didn't like it much)

This is what Krayden does all day long. He wakes up and asks for the keys. We don't see him until he needs food.

Trying to big one of the big boys, nevermind that it's pink and purple

Popcicles even though it's freezing

Grandma was painting and had her painting clothes on.

Love Trevin's outfit. He was covering his ears becuase the boys were shooting guns and he thought it was loud. It was pretty funny cuz they were just pellet guns that hardly made a sound.

The back bedroom got new bunk beds. The kids were a tad excited.

I said it was COLD. We woke up to SNOW!!!

The snow melted a few hours later but it was still freezing!!! We had a great time spending time with family. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for having us and sharing Pickleville with us.

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