Monday, June 28, 2010

"It's My Birthday, and I AM in Charge"

Kynlee Babe,

It is YOUR birthday, and so far YOU have been in charge.  You went to bed five and you woke up SIX.  How in the heck did that happen? 

You have blessed my life everyday for six years and I am so glad that I get to be your mom.  You make me laugh everyday, you are so smart and the things you say I have no idea where you come up with your ideas. 

So far for your birthday we have gone to the "steak/fire place", gone to get shaved ice and then to Chili's for your favorite cake ever...yes it's the molten lava cake, and it was super good.  Oh and I almost forgot your request for dinner on your actual birthday was purple pancakes and red eggs. You are having a friend birthday party this year and I think it might be the death of me.  You keep tellilng me differnt things you want to do for your party and who you want to invite.  You have been waiting for this party for two whole years and have been counting down the days since there were 16 left.  You have so many friends I don't know how you keep them all straight!!  It was fun to make the list of who you were going to invite, you chose all your friends from the neighborhood, 12 in all.  Some couldn't come and you wanted to know if you could hold off the party so they all could be there so their feelings wouldn't be hurt.  You are always thinking of others.  You know when I am sad or frustrated and you have just the right way to make it better. 

I am so proud of you.  You are always the first one to remind us to pray at meal times, you remind us to pray at bed time, you bring me the Book of Mormon for family scripture study after you get your pjs on (without me asking), and saving the best for last you are the BEST BIG SISTER EVER!!!  When Krayden gets in trouble you offer to go and talk to him, you play with him just like he is your best friend, you still let him tag along with you where ever you go, and you two laugh a ton together.  With Trevin you make sure he is having fun too, you can get him out of bed for me and you never complain when I ask you to get me a diaper, and my favorite thing is you still treat him like a new born.  You get supper excited when you see him when he wakes up, when you get home from school and when you get done playing with friends.

I still sing songs to you every night before you can go to bed.  Your favorite ones now are Army of Heleman and I am a Child of God (still) and You Are My Sunshine.  You are so funny at bed time.  If we stray from the routine it causes a little bit of a fuss but soon you set us back straight.  I have to at least sing 5 songs ending with I Am A Child Of God then I hug and kiss you good night, then you tell me to remind Dad that you love him and to brush his teeth and to come and check on you in 5 minutes.  Then as I am leaving you tell me like 10 times good night and that you love me.  I am half way down the stairs and we are still doing the loud whisper of I love you's.

Kynlee Babe YOU are my sunshine.  I love you so, so, so, so much. 


Went to bed 5 and woke up 6

Sport'n the Birthday Girl crown

Her birthday present from Mom and Dad

Well I guess mainly Dad

(Had to follow tradition)

The CAKE, "I've been planning that for years"
(name that movie)

Emma getting in on the painting.  We did freezer paper shirts and decorated purses for the take home bag.

The gang

Kynlee I love you to infinity and beyond!!!

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