Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Poor Little Man

This is what happens when the weather gets cold and the air quailty goes to pot.  Krayden gets super sick and then his asthma acts up and he is on so many medications to get it back under control.  It's one of the saddest things, at night he can't breathe and comes downstairs wanting his medicine (his rescue inhaler) so that he can have a moment of relief.  Then if he starts to feel like he can't breathe and starts to cough because he is just acting like a little boy he will come and get me to "take his medicine." Kynlee and her friend like to walk/run home from church and of course Kray likes to follow but he just can't make it all the way.  He gets about half way there and has to stop because he coughing so hard trying to get air.  I think it's sad for me becuase he knows and all he is trying to do is just be a boy and play hard.  He knows that if he stops for a few minutes and takes a few deep breaths then he will start to calm down.  He is really good at taking it all and will sit on my lap for about 15 minutes before bed so he can get his breathing treatment in.  

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Chelsea said...

Poor baby, my heart goes out to him. What a tough kid!