Saturday, December 12, 2009

1 2 3 !!!!

Grandpa Great had a stroke last Saturday, December 5, 2009.  He passed away today, December 12, 2009.  We have had some chances to go and spend time with him while he was in his home.  On Thursday Jon delivered the DME and I had the chance to hold Grandpa's hand.  He was more responsive that day and when I would try to get up he would grab my hand with force and try to pull me back down.  I will treasure that time forever that I was able to sit by his side.  I didn't talk much, manly just let him know that I was there, but I was able to tell him that I loved him. 

Kynlee was able to say I love you and Krayden was able to wave.  Kynlee just sat on Grandma Greats lap and they made up funny stories and funny songs.  Kynlee had Grandma laughing so hard, it was fun to see. 

I hope that Jon and I can have the same kind of love that Grandma and Grandpa have.  To hear Grandma talk about Grandpa there was a twinkle in her eye that I want to have, one that I hope I have when I talk about Jon. 

Gramps you did a great job.  You have a great son that raised a awesome son and now the kids and I are reaping those benefits.  The gospel is strong and present in our lives and with that comes the knowledge that we will see you again.  We will miss you and your icecream and belly wash but will await the day that we can stand together as a family again.

Grandpa we all love you so much!!

p.s. say hi to Jo for us.

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