Friday, November 13, 2009


Tonight was a wonderful reminder of what great friends I have.  Jon and I were supposed to go out tonight but work became busy and we were not able to do so but I still had gotten a friend to watch the kids a few weeks ago so decided to still drop them off.  I dropped them off and before I could leave Kynlee and Krayden were downstairs playing and she had Trevin in arms and he was happy.  I left to go run some errands without the kiddos and was excited to do so.  It's amazing how much faster things get done when you don't have three little ones in tow!!

About an hour and half later I went to pick them up but was told to go do something else and come back later, Kynlee still had not eaten, she had been having so much fun so that was still on the list.  The boys were fine and happy so here I am updating my blog and thinking how blessed I am to live here and be surrounded by so many wonderful people.  This ward has been the best ward we have lived in since we have been married! I feel accepted and loved here. 

Well I'm off to try again to pick them up...I guess it's great knowing they are having such a fun time and that they don't want to come home.

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