Monday, August 3, 2009

FREE Therapy....

RUNNING WORKS FOR ME!!! All of it...the sweat running down my forehead (not to mention other places) the sound of feet hitting the pavement, the routine breathing... when I say everything I mean everything. I normally run at night and it is so peaceful. I am alone with my thoughts and nature. A lot of people say they can't run because they get bored, it is a release for me.

Take tonight I was out running I ran (literally) into the biggest spider I have ever seen. At first I ran right past it but had to turn around to make sure that what I thought I saw was what I really saw and holy moly it was. This thing was huge, to huge for me to step on it. The thought crossed my mind cuz I did not want that thing in my house (side note I kill spiders in my house with the wasp spray that can shoot 20-25 feet and that has a caution to not use indoors. But I have to be able to stand 20-25 feet away from the dang thing and then I have to vacuum them up no toilet paper for me). But then common sense came into play and that dang spider was not even close to my house so I side stepped the spider and continued on my run. Then around the corner was the biggest praying mantis I have ever seen. Those things are creepy during the day just think what they look like at night. And why do the biggest of the biggest have to come out at night anyways? Oh well it is good for me it makes me pick up pace (even if it is only for a minute). But that is not the best part the nights are perfect the moon is shinning and the slight breeze make for the perfect running weather.

My thoughts take me to many places from what happened in the day to what will my life be like in X amount of years, will I still be running, will I still want to run marathons, why do I put myself through the training for a marathon, will my body allow it, friends and the lack there of, but the friends I do have I wouldn't ask for better, my family and how I can be a better wife and mother, the sacrifice that Jon made to return to school, how moving here has been a great blessing and the biggest trial we have ever had together but how it has strengthened our family, or marriage, and has taught many life lessons. Those are just a few of the thoughts that ran through my head tonight and I only ran about 2.5 miles and was out for twenty minutes.

I love the feeling when I first start out of fresh legs and stretched muscles, the air hitting my face, then comes the feeling that I am getting into the groove of things and I am in my element, then no matter how far I have run 2 miles or 10 rounding the last corner and seeing my house my thoughts turn to I can't make but the competitiveness in me comes out and I will my body to run faster telling myself that in the race there is someone on my hills and no way in heck are they going to pass me now with such a short distance to go. Then I finally make it to the steps muscles aching and the best part...I finished what I had started.

I have the motto of "Why start something you aren't going to finish?" I have lived by those words for the last two years and it has helped in more ways than just running.

Can't wait for tomorrow's run, I need to start getting a little more serious about my training for the Marathon that happens in 2 months. This summer I have been a little side tracked but I think I now have the mind set that I need to accomplish the goal I have set for myself.

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Our Blog Spot said...

Hey! This is Taylor... You stopped by my blog, and let me know about your son with asthma!!

I really am always looking for any info anyone can give me; and when they have kids who have, "been there, done that," I feel so much better about life!!! Kids with asthma is exhausting.

So, thanks for your suggestion!! Really, I mean it. I will talk to my doctor about getting him on it. THANK YOU!