Monday, May 11, 2009

Thoughts of a very BLESSED mom

I love being a mom it brings me so much joy!!! I have the best kids in the world and we have a ton of fun with one another. I have been thinking lately how much I enjoy this divine calling even though some days we struggle. I learn that everyday has it's challenges and even though my kids play very well together they can also go at it and it can all happen in about two minutes. I love how much love I can have for them even when I have known them on this earth for six months. I look at Trevin while he is sleeping and get teary eyed. I can't believe that I am responsible for three of God's children and I have the responsibility to teach them the things they need to know so they can accomplish their mission here on earth and return their Father. I constantly wonder what is in store for us as they grow up. Right now they love when I walk in the room, they want to play games with me, sit on my lap and give hugs and kisses. But will it always be like that? Will they want me to be there when they meet that some one special, will their eyes light up when I come over to their houses like they do know when I pick them up from preschool and nursery.

I wonder if I keep praying for patience will Heavenly Father keep giving it to me? Am I doing enough and teaching them enough that Kray and Trevin will serve missions? Am I helping build their testimonies? Will Kynlee still say that we are best friends? Will they all be married in the Temple? Do they know how much I love them?

I love when Kynlee says "I love you" out of the blue. I love how she has so much love for her brothers. I love when other family members are around how she tells them that she loves them. How she tries to be so big. She is such a great helper and does it with a willing attitude. I even love how Kynlee comes down in the middle of the night because I left her bedside(I complain about this on a daily basis) but I am blessed that she loves me so much that she wants to be by me all the time.

I love how Krayden is "all boy" he can turn anything into a "shooter gun". I love when he gets excited he flaps his arms like he is going to fly away. I love his long eyelashes and how his eyes look at me when he wants something. I love how he pulls his blanket around, a little receiving blanket with cars, trucks and air planes on. I love how he comes up to me and and says "i want you" or "i want to hold you". I love how he tries to be like Kynlee in every way.

I love how Trevin smiles at me when I walk into the room. He truly knows Kynlee and Krayden and lights up when they come near him. How noisy he is when he sleeps. I love his chubby little legs and his tiny little perfect hands and feet.

I love you little tikes more than you will ever know. You all bring so much joy, happiness and laughter into our home. I love you Kynlee Babe, Krayden Boy and Little Monkey.

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