Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I hate when I have to learn things the hard way

And sometimes it seems to happen a lot to me.  I sat down to blog about 2 weeks ago and plugged in the camera to find out that all my pictures were gone.  My kids LOVE to take pictures with my camera.  I am thinking that one of them took a picture and went they went to view what they had shot they mistakenly hit the wrong button and deleted every picture.  So from the middle of January until now I have no visual record of what happened which translates into I have no record of what happened in those months.  I try to think back and I know that I had some really cute pictures on my camera.  There are the ones of Braylund with the babysitter in the bathtub.  He loves to play in the tub when I am getting ready for the day and it is perfect because I can see him in the mirror and we just laugh with each other.  I will have to try to get some more.  What is it about bathtubs and babies?  

That is really all I can remember of what was on the camera and that is just because it happens every single day.  So did I learn my lesson?  Yes, and it's not the lesson that most would think that I should learn.  I learned that I should take the pictures off my camera on a more regular basis instead of banning my kids from my camera.  I love to see the world through the eyes of Kynlee, Krayden and Trevin.  True a lot of the pictures need to be deleted because a finger is covering the entire frame, or there are 10000000 of the same thing.  But then there are the times where they capture the perfect moment that could have only been taken from their perspective.  


Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Eve

First family picture of 2012!!!  

I'm sure our neighbors loved us!!  This is how Jon welcomed in the New Year.  At least we know that everyone could hear him!!!

We let the kids stay up this year again.  For some reason they don't seem to have a hard time!!  Must be a Larsen thing.  

This poor little guy fell asleep 10 minutes before midnight.  He was just going "to get warm".  We thought with all the noise we were making he would wake up.  We were wrong!!!

The B Man was wide awake.  He had a really late nap like from 8-10:30 pm.  Good thing he was tired when all the activities were done!!

It was fun to spend New Year's just with our little family.  Here is to a great 2012!!!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Solider Hollow

These all came from phone so not the best quality but I wanted to document the fun time that we had sledding/tubing down the hill.  It was so funny that the only snow was the snow they had made for the hill.   Trevin LOVED it.  He has bee asking to go back since we left.  He didn't even have to leave his tube either Jon or I would pull him to the tube lift and then the tow rope would take over and then when we got to the top we would pull him to the hill .  The snow was pretty crappy since we have had such a mild winter and it had been really warm that day.  The only way to make it to the bottom of the hill was to have a lot of people  attached to each other.  We had around 15 people that would all hook together.  We had a blast, went fast and most importantly made it to the bottom of the hill.  

Can't wait to do it again!!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Larsen Family Christmas Party

For Christmas this year Jim and Judy aka Grandma and Grandpa took us on the Heber Creeper and then to Solider Hollow to go tubing.  It was so fun.  I love trains and I love to ride on trains.  I'm not sure why but it gives me a thrill.  This time was no different.
I stuck my head out of the door of one car and Jon stuck his out out of another and we got this shot.  

Braylund was just being goofy.  He was such a good boy.  He didn't have a nap but that didn't seem to bother him

The boys...Krayden loves Jace and Riley and any time he gets to be with them is heaven.

The girls...need I say more?

Patiently waiting for the train to start.  Once it did it was asking why we weren't going fast?  

Trying to get a picture and B Man was wondering what was going on.  This is the best be could get.  

I love this one.  Just looking at the country side go bye.

We walked to the snack car to get a treat and this is Trevin holding on for dear life.  It was like in the movies moving from car to car except for on this train the put black sheeting so you couldn't see the ground rushing by when you went from car to car.  I  loved it the kids not so much.  I was trying to find excuses to get up and move around.

The train making its way to our destination.  It was super fun.  It just happened to be my birthday and I couldn't think of a better way to spend it...with family.

Solider Hollow up next

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

 I love this train!!  I love the way it smokes and the train noise it makes.  I just love everything about it.  It puts the perfect touch to our tree.  I love this picture!!  Trevin would just sit and watch the train go round and round for hours.  Oh the magic of a Christmas train.  

These are our stockings hung with care.  My mom did this advent calendar when we were little.  There is a string for each day until Christmas and each night the kids get to pull one out and there is a treat on the end.  I like this way because each kid gets to participate each night. 

The kids watching dad hang the lights on the house.  Who needs ladders anymore?  Dad just uses the windows throughout the house to climb in and out.  

B Man wanted to help too...

Losing interest

All done. (Kynlee thinks I'm mean because I took a picture of him crying:))

The kids getting their turn on the roof.  This was the highlight of the day.

Mean mom....I wouldn't let Trevin walk on the roof, but he got the longest turn to sit outside.

Krayden's turn.  (Notice I did not take a turn.  I stuck my head out the window to get the pictures.  That is good enough for me.)

Flick came back and hid in a lot of different places

We found him in Krayden's room riding a Harley.  I told him to ask Santa to get one for both of us.  I hope he got his because I didn't get mine.

Sitting on Santa's lap. 

Every time someone asks what Trevin's name is he tell them 3.  We are working on that!! ( He went to nursery and they had a substitute and when they asked him his name he said "one, two, three"  so on all of his papers they wrote "3" we all got a good laugh)

It was too cold where this Santa was to get little man out so this will have to do as his Santa Picture 

Christmas Eve
They are all wearing their PJ's from Nana.  I think this one is funny because Braylund is totally getting Ellie

This is the best one out of the lot.  Oh well.  They were having fun and I made them stop for a picture.  Can't blame them for not wanting to look at me.


The only things that my kids asked for on their Christmas lists were iPads.  (When they talked to Santa it was different every time.  Good thing we go of the list)  They didn't get their iPads but they each did get a tablet.  They were in heaven!!!

Each got a pair of earphones to go with it.  Santa was super smart on this one!!!

Kynlee with her tablet and her bean bag from papa.  
My dad got each of the kids a bean bag and it was the perfect gift.

 This little guy slept through all the fun.  He go a new bottle, lotion and baby wash in his stocking and got a little toy that makes lots of noise from Santa.

Jon got a belt buckle

This Christmas was just perfect.  We were able to mainly focus on the main reason for the season.  We were able to talk with our kids about our Savior and all the blessings that we have.  We didn't go into debt and we were well prepared before hand so we didn't feel like we had to go out and buy the "last minute" gifts.  We were surrounded by the ones we love most and were able to make memories with them.  We did our traditional beef tenderloin dinner and had lots of family over on Christmas Eve.  Going to church on Christmas Day was just the right touch.  What better way to celebrate Christ's birth than with a great Christmas program?  Then we had the traditional big breakfast and later that day we had a fire in the fire pit and roasted marshmallows and made s'mores.  I am so blessed and feel so grateful for what the Lord has blessed me with.  I have a wonderful husband and four awesome healthy children.  I have parents and in-laws that support us and all that we do.  I have a testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel.  Really I have all that I could ever want or need and that is the greatest gift.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

These 3 might look innocent

***I watch my two nieces who are 3 and 2 so it is like having triplets***

So far they have
opened 10 packages of kool-aid and dumped them all over the floor
they have emptied out the whole bookcase
Have some how tipped over a big cabinet in the bathroom
Tore out all the pages in the book of Moroni in my Scriptures
They have colored on the walls
They have warranted us to buy locks for three rooms upstairs to stop making messes
in those 3 rooms they have
dumped all Polly pockets, barbies, shampoo, and clothes out of drawers

I love them all to pieces and are glad they are such good friends.  Can't wait to see what the teenage years old.  Heaven help us all!!!!

Toddlers in Tieras

Well maybe not toddlers but some pretty cute girls!!!!

The older cousins took these three girls up to Kynlee's bathroom and made them over.  They did a fantastic job and everyone had fun.  I think Kynlee needs a younger sister!! Ha Ha

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

We heard little Braybray laughing in the living room by himself and then when Trevin came he laughed even harder. Trevin can make this kid laugh anytime of the day.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

"when my birthday is over I will be three"

My Sweet, Sweet Baby Boy

I guess you are no longer my baby boy, but my little man that just won't stop growing. You are the sweetest thing ever. You are constantly saying sorry to me. You say sorry when I have to change your diaper, you say sorry when you spill a little milk from your cereal in the morning, you say sorry when you are trying to get me and I playfully say stop you are hurting me.

You are the cutest little guy too. When ever you have an idea that you think is better than mine you say "how about that?" with your head turned ever so slightly and in a little voice that I have to say yes too. You know how to get what you want by turning on the charm.

Every night when I tuck you into bed you say "I need a hug, and just a little kiss ok, not a big one ok mom." Then you proceed to ask me if I will get you bone (milk) and cereal in the morning. Oh how you love cereal. You would eat cereal for every meal if I would let you. When ever I am making dinner and you ask what I am doing and I say "I am making dinner" with out fail you respond "me no like dinner!! I like cereal." But to no avail you get dinner and true to your word you don't eat it. You don't even try it. If we are lucky we can bribe you to try it and then you gag and cry and reaffirm that in fact you do not like dinner. I have to make sure to put some sort of fruit on your plate for dinner or you would totally starve. I have had many friends tell me that a child will not allow themselves to go hungry. I bed to differ. You do every night. You still like to drink your bone out of a sippy, but of late your sippy has been missing (your fault, not mine). You seem to have forgotten the rule that when you are done you are supposed to put it on the counter. So for the last to days, heaven help us, you have had your bone in a cup. You still ask for your sippy and you have a solution for you to be able to drink bone from a sippy. You tell me I need to go to Wal-mart and buy you a new one. I am anxious to see how many days this will go on. You will probably win. If we can't find your old sippy in a day or two I can see myself buying you a new one. Your sad, sad eyes in the morning when you ask for your bone and I tell you you have to have it in a cup are getting to me.

We tried potty training you just two days ago. Note the key word "tried." Yes, you are back in diapers and much happier. You did really well the first day and had only one accident the whole day. Then day two came along and you wanted nothing to do with the potty. I offered the diaper back and you gladly accepted. Now we are both happier. You still didn't really have any accidents you just didn't go at all. You would say that you needed to, we would go into the bathroom and then nothing. You silly silly boy.

Trevin you are super smart and you use your smartness on your parents daily. When you want to be held you say that you are little or small. When you want to go outside and play by yourself you are a huge boy. The other night when it was time for bed dad gave you hugs and kisses then I took you upstairs to tuck you in. You were all tucked in then you said to me "I be right back I need to give dad hugs and kisses." Dad hears this and yells upstairs, "I already gave you hugs and kisses." Which you kindly and ever so smartly say "yep, but I didn't give you hugs and kisses." You got us there and you were allowed to go back downstairs to give hugs and kisses.

You have CRAZY hair!! If we cut it too short than it sticks up everywhere and it looks like we didn't do it. If we grow it out long then it sticks up everywhere and it looks like we didn't do it. So for about three days of of the month your hair looks like your mom cares even though she does your hair every day. (I wanted that in writing so when you look back on your pictures you know that I tried). No matter what your hair looks like though you are still cute!!!

We love you so much and are so blessed to have you in our home. You bring love and laughter on a daily basis. Have a great day buddy.

P.S. For your birthday dinner you get CEREAL!!!

Love you lots